Ravenna Arsenal

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During World War II, Ravenna, Ohio, was the site of the Ravenna Arsenal. Illustrating Ohio's important contributions to winning World War II, from 1942 to 1945 workers at the Ravenna Arsenal produced more weapons for the war effort than at any other plant in the United States. More than 14,000 Ohioans found employment here during World War II.

The Ravenna Arsenal began production on March 23, 1942, although the Atlas Powder Company had manufactured shells and bombs at this site since 1941. The arsenal eventually included 1,371 buildings encompassed on 21,418 acres. The complex ceased arms production at World War II's conclusion, although it continued to store ammunition. The plant also began making fertilizer. With the Korean War's outbreak, the Ravenna Arsenal began production of arms again, now under the control of the Firestone Company. In 1957, the Arsenal ceased munitions production, only to manufacture arms again during the Vietnam War.

Following the Vietnam War, Ravenna Arsenal workers principally disarmed ammunition. Much of the site is now the Ohio National Guard's Ravenna Training and Logistics Site, with the Ohio National Guard using the Ravenna Arsenal for training. Approximately 1,481 acres of the Ravenna Arsenal have been deemed environmentally contaminated and efforts to make the site safe for human use are underway at the start of the twenty-first century.

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