Kit Reed

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Born in 1932, Ohio native Kit Reed has become a leading novelist in the United States. She is especially well known for her science fiction. Reed has been known by several other names over the course of her writing career. These names include Shelley Hyde, Lillian Craig, Lillian Craig Reed, and Kit Craig. Among her most popular novels are Magic Time, Armed Camps, Fort Privilege, Little Sisters of the Apocalypse, Captain Grownup, Catholic Girls, J. Eden, and Gone, Twice Burned. She also is the author of a large number of short stories.

Reed has taught at Wesleyan College in Connecticut. She has received two Guggenheim Fellowships and an Aspen Institute Rockefeller Fellowship. Two of her works were finalists for the James W. Tiptree Award. Reed also is the first American to have received a literary grant from the Abraham Woursell Foundation.

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