Running Buffalo Clover

From Ohio History Central

Running Buffalo Clover is an endangered plant native to Ohio. Its scientific name is Trifolium stoloniferum. The plant is named Running Buffalo Clover because of its three leaf-clover shape and because adult stems dispatch runners to create new plants. The plant produces white flowers that are approximately one inch across. Buffalo, which once inhabited Ohio, ate the clover and helped to disperse the plant's seeds. As buffalo declined and farming occurred, the Running Buffalo Clover became endangered. Originally the plant existed in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas. Today, Running Buffalo Clover exists only in Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri. In Ohio, there are only a few places where Running Buffalo Clover exists. One of the best locations to view the plant is the Congress Green Cemetery, final resting place of John Cleves Symmes and several members of William Henry Harrison's family. Congress Green Cemetery is located near the Ohio River in North Bend, Ohio.

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