Marge U. Schott

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Marge Unnewehr was born on August 18, 1928, in Cincinnati, Ohio. She married businessman Charles J. Schott and spent her married life as a housewife. Upon her husband's death in 1968, Schott assumed control of her husband's various businesses, which included the Alton Brick Company, Southern Ohio Insurance Company, Schott Buick, Inc, Schottco Corporation, and Schott Leasing. She proved herself to be very adept at business, enhancing the value and size of her husband's holdings. Schott became the first woman in the United States to own a General Motors dealership and also was the first woman trustee on the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.

Schott became best known as the majority owner of the Cincinnati Reds. In 1984, Schott assumed control of the team, and under her leadership, the Reds won the World Series in 1990. Schott's actions over the next several year created some embarassment for Cincinnati and Reds fans. On the field, the Reds began to perform poorly, mainly due to Schott's refusal to bring young players up through the Reds' farm system. Schott also became known for her provocative antics and comments. During the 1990 World Series, Schott rubbed hair from her beloved dogs on the Reds players for good luck. She treated her dogs as if they were real children. Rumors began to circulate that Schott used racial slurs to describe her players. She also publicly applauded Adolf Hitler. Major League Baseball suspended her from team activities in 1993 and in 1996 for these comments. In 1999, she sold her controlling interest in the team to Carl Lindner.

Despite the negative events that occurred with the Reds, Schott also played a major role in local charity organizations. She also served on the boards of trustees of several universities. Schott died in 2004.

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