Edward W. Scripps

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Edward Wyllis Scripps was a journalist and newspaper publisher.

Scripps was born in Rushville, Illinois in 1854. In 1873, he became a reporter for the Detroit Evening News. In 1878, Scripps moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where he began his own newspaper, the Penny Press. Over the next several years, he acquired several additional newspapers.

In 1895, Scripps established the Scripps-McRae League with Milton McRae and his half-brother, George Scripps. The league consisted of a chain of newspapers owned by or affiliated with the Scripps brothers and McRae. The papers were liberal in their ideology and were major supporters of farmers and laborers against the government and large corporations. In 1907, Scripps established his own news service, the United Press Association. This organization sent reporters all around the world to report on news events instead of relying on reporters from other papers for information. Shortly after establishing the United Press Association, Scripps also created the Newspaper Enterprise Association. This organization provided Scripps's newspapers and other papers around the world with editorial cartoons, feature stories, and pictures.

Edward Scripps retired in 1922. His son, Robert P. Scripps, assumed control of the Scripps-McCrae League. In 1922, Robert Scripps joined with Roy Howard to form the Scripps-Howard newspaper chain.

Edward Scripps died in1926.

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