Stubbs Earthworks

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The Stubbs Earthworks site is a large Hopewell culture (100 BC - AD 500) ceremonial center located in Warren County. It included a large earthwork enclosure incorporating circular and rectangular elements and a smaller circular enclosure. A large W-shaped earthwork followed the contours of a high terrace located just east of the main enclosure. Some observers once thought these angular walls actually formed a serpent effigy somewhat like Serpent Mound, but this interpretation is highly doubtful. Much of the Stubbs Earthworks were destroyed by gravel-quarrying and farming activities, but traces of a large mound, located within the large enclosure, are preserved on the grounds of the Little Miami High School.

Excavations at the site of the smaller circular enclosure conducted by Frank Cowan, a research associate with the Cincinnati Museum Center, revealed a huge "Woodhenge" composed of 172 large posts in a circle more than 240 feet in diameter.

The Stubbs Earthworks site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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