T. Marzetti Company

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Founded in Columbus, Ohio, the T. Marzetti Company produces specialty foods for restaurants and individuals.

In 1896, Italian immigrant Teresa Marzetti arrived in the United States of America. That same year, Marzetti established an Italian restaurant in Columbus, Ohio near The Ohio State University campus at 10th Avenue and North High Street. This restaurant closed in 1942, but another restaurant, which had opened in 1919, remained in operation until 1940. In 1940, the third Marzetti Restaurant opened cross from the Statehouse on Broad Street. It closed in 1972, when Teresa Marzetti died. Before opening the original restaurant, Marzetti wrote, "We will start a new place and serve good food. At a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but we will serve good food."

Marzetti prospered. Students from nearby The Ohio State University helped the first restaurant succeed in its early years. Marzetti became known for her various salad dressings, especially her coleslaw and French versions. It is unclear when she began selling the dressings to her customers, but by 1947, the second floor of the restaurant had become a factory dedicated to producing the dressings for sale in stores across Ohio. In 1955, Marzetti opened a production facility for the dressings on Indianola Avenue in Columbus, allowing the T. Marzetti Company to produce even more dressing.

Today, the T. Marzetti Company continues to produce Marzetti's dressings as well as additional food products. Among these products are an expanded line of dressings and the Cardini's, Girard's, New York, Mamma Bella, and Sister Schubert's brands of food. Lancaster Colony Corporation purchased the company in 1970 but continues to use the Marzetti name today. In 2007, the T. Marzetti Company sold more than 200 million dollars in products.

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