Universalist Church

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Universalism is a religious denomination that shares many of the same beliefs as Christianity, but it does not accept all Christian teachings. Its followers believe that all persons can find salvation and that the souls of all people are in a constant search for improvement. Universalists contend that this doctrine can be found in the New Testament and that it is one of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Universalists also believe that science and reason both sanction their faith. Like the Unitarians, Universalists rejected the Trinity, contending that God exists in only one form.

Universalist beliefs existed for centuries, but a Universalist Church did not formally organize until the 1750s. It came from England to America during the 1770s. John Murray organized the first Universalist Church in North America in Gloucester, Massachusetts, in 1779. Universalists first appeared in Ohio during the early 1800s. By 1850, more than fifty Universalist Churches existed in Ohio. Many of these churches were located in small towns.

In 1961, the American Unitarian Association joined with the Universalist Church of America to form the Unitarian Universalist Association.

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