Vulcan Tool Company

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Several toolmakers founded the Vulcan Tool Company in Dayton, Ohio, in 1916. The following year, Lee Amos Jones purchased the company, which began to expand its operations during World War I and in the decades that followed. Although the Vulcan Tool Company experienced some financial difficulties during the Great Depression, it recovered rapidly during World War II. The business was one of many companies that produced products for the American war effort.

After World War II, the company expanded by purchasing the Dayton Tool and Engineering Company. During the decades that followed, the company diversified its production. In addition to its production of tools and dies, Vulcan also became known internationally for its development of tube-cutting machinery.

In 1939, Joness son, Lee Warren Jones, founded another company in Dayton, known as the Tube Products Company. In 1973, Tube Products merged with the Vulcan Tool Company to become Vulcan Tool Corporation. By the late twentieth century, Vulcan had become one of the largest tool and die manufacturers in the United States.

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