Warner Brothers

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Warner Brothers First National Studios.jpg
Warner Bros. - First National Studios - Burbank, CA, circa 1928.

The Warner Brothers were exhibitors, distributors and producers of motion pictures.

The Warner Brothers were Harry, Sam, Albert, and Jack Warner. They were the sons of Polish immigrants. Their father arrived in the United States in 1887. The rest of the immediate family, with the exception of four children who had died in Poland, did not arrive until 1895. The family settled in Youngstown, Ohio. Members of the Warner family sold bicycles, soap, and ice cream and later opened a butcher shop.

By the early 1900s, the family had invested in a movie projector. They traveled across Ohio, Pennsylvania, and neighboring states, showing movies in tents. In 1903, they purchased a movie theater in New Castle, Pennsylvania. They invested in other theaters in Youngstown and in the surrounding area. In 1907, the brothers began to produce movies. They established a movie production company in California in 1918, and they created the Warner Bros. Company in 1923. The brothers continued to either purchase or build movie theaters. Among them was the Warner Theater in Youngstown in 1931.

In the early twenty-first century, Warner Bros. Entertainment was a subsidiary of Time-Warner Inc. It was one of the largest producers of movies and television programs in the world.

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