Welsh Hills, Ohio

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Welsh Hills was one of the earliest communities established in Licking County, Ohio. Founded in 1802, its earliest settlers were migrants from Wales.

During the early 1800s, Welsh Americans viewed the abundance of land in Ohio as a godsend and hoped to make a stable life for themselves on the frontier. In 1801, Thomas Phillips and Theophilus Rees purchased approximately two thousand acres of land near modern-day Granville, Ohio. In 1802, Phillips, Rees, and other Welsh migrants to Ohio traveled down the Ohio River from Pennsylvania. Upon reaching the mouth of the Muskingum River, they traveled northward to Zanesville. Numerous other Welsh Americans followed them. Future migrants usually came along Zane's Trace. Eventually Phillips, Rees, and these other people moved to present-day Licking County, where they founded the community of Welsh Hills on Phillips's and Rees's land. The Welsh migrants flourished in Ohio, but Welsh Hills soon ceased to exist as an independent community. Granville eventually encompassed Welsh Hills.

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