William H. Zimmer Power Station

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Zimmer, William H. Power Station map.jpg

The William H. Zimmer Power Station was to be a nuclear power plant located near Moscow, Ohio, roughly thirty miles from Cincinnati, Ohio. The Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company, the Dayton Power & Light Company, and the Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Company jointly own the plant. Originally, the plant was to cost 230 million dollars to build. However, the nuclear power scare at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania led to increased costs for building and operating nuclear power plants. Faulty construction at the William H. Zimmer Power Station also drove up costs. Costs for the Zimmer Power Station skyrocketed to over 3.4 billion dollars. For these reasons, the three companies decided to switch the plant from a nuclear one to a coal-burning plant. The Zimmer Power Station, once completed in the 1990s, was able to produce more electricity, at a lower cost, than the originally proposed nuclear plant.

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