Williamsburg, Ohio (Noble County)

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Williamsburg, now known as Batesville, is a small community in Noble County, Ohio.

Circa 1818, William Finley became the first settler of what is now Batesville. In 1827, Lebbeus Fordyce formally platted the town, and residents named the community Williamsburg in honor of Finley. Williamsburg became known as Batesville once a post office opened at the mill of Timothy Bates, a Methodist minister and mill owner. The community grew slowly, claiming just 369 residents in 1880. That same year, Batesville boasted three churches, a bank, a small number of stores and other businesses. Most residents earned their livings in local coal and iron mines, as farmers, as oil workers, or excavating salt. As iron and coal deposits began to decline in the early twentieth century, many residents began to leave Batesville, finding employment in Ohio's larger cities. In 2007, the town claimed only ninety-two residents.

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